PRE-EMPT Symposium to be held at 14th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health (IEPA14)

In July 2023, a team of PRE-EMPT researchers are heading a symposium at IEPA14 conference in Lausanne, Switzerland. This conference is devoted to understanding and promoting early intervention in mental health.

Dr. Dominic Dwyer will begin by introducing the approach and research of PRE-EMPT. Ann Ee Ching will discuss using “real-time” snapshots (or ecological momentary assessments) to predict the mental health of at-risk young people in the short-term. Dr. Johanna T. W. Wigman will discuss predictions over the course of 3-years based on a newly developed measure of psychological resilience. Finally, Johanna Bayer will discuss even longer trajectories of 15 years for people at Ultra High Risk of psychosis. Chaired by Prof. Barnaby Nelson, Prof. Alison Yung and Dr. Dominic Dwyer.

You can find more details about the presentation in the IEPA conference schedule.

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